Goodbye August


So now that the month is almost over its time to say goodbye to August and Hello to September. I’ve manage to survive the summer with my lovely niece and spend time with my other niece and nephew, I had a crazy time but it’s always good to see them.  Had the chance to hangout with my twin, my ride or die we been jointed for a very long time….It’s always hard to say goodbye I always manage to be in tears:'(. It’s a miracle I must say because I actually survived spending time with my oldest sister haven’t seen her in a while but as she would say; IT’S BEEN REAL!!!! My cousin Tyrone and My Uncle Donel was one of my unforgettable moments it’s been almost ten years since I last saw you and was filled with so much happiness just to see you again….Had tears in my eyes when my uncle left even though I get to see him again soon. Let’s not forget I saw my lovely doctor Ms. Balkman it’s always good to see you and have positive results in my health, Love this women more than you know. Last I manage to survive the craziness of having my kitchen remodeled, but met some awesome people in the process…As I close out this blog leaving Ruby Tuesday at minzer park I’ve enjoy this month even with all the craziness now come on September.


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