My New Delivery Solution

Today was great, As I was sitting talking with my mother I didn’t feel like going out and I was trying to figure out what to eat and of course I ended up having a taste for chic fi la which isn’t too far but in my case everything is difficult. I’m disable so everything is a challenge and I’m trying to put my life back together slowly which has been most hardest thing I have done in my life but of course I’m always trying to be back to where I use to be just with a bit of help. I’ve have been up and down the street walking with over 10 bags on me at under 90 pounds just so I can eat because I had to relocate so I could actually breathe and didn’t know anyone at the time. I also had hairstylist come to my house just to have my hair done because I can’t go into dirty places because my immune system wasn’t as strong to handle dust, dirt, mold etc… Not just that finding my size in clothing which means I have to travel further out because I’m underweight plus on top of that I have to pay for it with making sure I’m not allergic to the material. Since I have been threw way worse I didn’t let what I’m going threw break me, I just find solutions to my problems so that I can somewhat have a normal life. Today that’s what I did, I had a taste for chic fi la and I went in the search engine looking for someone to go to the mall and deliver my food for me….I actually found a great company to actually make that happen today. I’m super excited for allot a reason that I have someone to help with grocery shopping or picking up food, Yes it’s that serious because I’m fighting to build myself up and having that extra hand is great help. GoodFoodAsap is my blessing yes I said it because it takes some of the stress off of me. Now if your in the Boca Raton, Fl area please do look into this company… Any Restaurant, Any Store they Deliver It!!!!  GoodFoodAsap


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