Nice Day Out

20160516_201722-EFFECTSTook time to chill out away from everything, I had a nice day out went to put put golf which I have been wanting to go since last year. Yes I know something so simple takes forever for me to do. I had a good time and went to ” Boomers ” I haven’t been in forever since I was little I think I was like the age of eleven or twelve, It’s been awhile everything is now on a card back then we had tokens which I still have. My sisters use to work there way back when, I lived in that place knew everyone and love eating there not sure if I can do that now since I’m not sure if they have anything I can eat since everything is gluten free in my kitchen and organic. It was fun though I had a good time and enjoyed the waterfall which I always loved when I was young…It was nice time out and I was content and relaxed.


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