My Gluten Free Journey


So I’ve been searching and trying out new gluten-free food, I was trying out Enjoy Life Brownies and I brought like twelve boxes of pizza crust so I can make my own pizza. I’m a big fan of their cookies fresh out the hospital I was eating this brand and fell in love with them, My mother attempt to make the brownies but I wasn’t really liking them hopefully the pizza crust actually has a good taste. So So Delicious Ice Cream I do love in Vanilla and Chocolate, I attempt to try the cookies and cream and let me tell you I been waiting years to find this ice cream and I’m not sure if I like it yet just not sure about it…My taste buds are always off so I’m all over the place. We made some cupcakes and I found an icing at the whole food store but it just didn’t taste right to me at all…So that means I’m still on a search to find a cake mix and icing that I like. One good thing was I found a Key Lime Cheesecake that I could eat now that I love, It’s the closes that I will get to a key lime pie until I find something different. It’s been about five years I think now since I been on this journey of finding foods that I would be able to eat in my crazy situation it’s been quite a ride….Still haven’t given up.


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