Sea World For The First Time



I’m always spending the rest of my day inside hotels when I’m going out to central Florida so my mother agreed-ed to go to sea world with me for the first time. We were only able to spend a short time there but it was still a happy moment for me as long as I made it and was able to see some of sea world. Something little for some people but was a big moment for me.


I never saw dolphins in person I was able to see Bottle-nose Dolphins, I was excited to see them it was truly amazing. Watched the Manatees it was also my first time seeing them was very amazed by the size of them, They are very big. Was able to the flamingos as I was walking into sea world and also by the pass member lounge they have such a beautiful pink color.


I’m always talking about gators so of course I was able to see them even though they were little but it was good enough. The stingrays I wanted to touch one but of course my mother wasn’t agreeing with that at all so I just took pictures. After getting lost I wasn’t able to see much after we stopped over at the pass member lounge to rest and get out the heat then we had to manage to find our way out. All together I did have fun and enjoyed myself very much so plus it’s already set that I will be back to see the penguins and sea lions maybe I’ll be able to interact with the dolphins that’s what I want to do the most.





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