Past Sore


So many years ago when I was about 15 I had young man who was a part of my life and also he was a my neighbor and best friend brother, He was someone who I had connected with but he wasn’t in a good space and he was always sent away. A big mess was created by him with my family and I had to take that heat for him since he left with many of upset people because of his actions. Well he came back years later trying to correct his action and what he did to me but that didn’t work out well at all it just added more anger and I was very disgusted in so many ways it’s not even funny. On top of that his creator did what she did before cover up his mess and add more pain to the situation and could only worry about what was given to me which was a necklace and watch so with that being said she actually condone her son asking for gifts back from a women. I’m honestly surprise that someone mother would actually teach her son that coming on someone property on substance and trying to create a fight and disrespect people,  The only thing she’s worried about is materialistic items when he’s harassing a person after the effect on top of leaving disgusting messages on voicemail till he feels content. Many years I’ve been through so much because people have no respect or want people to accept the trash that they bring and sometimes it’s because no one correcting the problem with themselves or children no matter what age they are this should not be the type of person that should have contact with people. It’s no money or enough jewelry in the world that would think that violent and abusive behavior is normal for a female to even have to get a taste of it is not okay at all…. I’m known for not saying how I feel so this time I decided to speak. These type of people will not effect me or my life ever again.


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