My mother two surgeries



It’s been a long two weeks, Extremely crazy and hectic for me. So not too long ago my mother tried out the colon-guard when she received the results they found blood in her stool so she had to receive a colonoscopy. The first Doctor had found a pre-cancer polyp which was too big for him to remove so he referral her to another doctor that would remove it. He was successful in removing it and also gave it a name which was funny, He told me it was the biggest he has had to remove. That wasn’t the end of the craziness he also said that it look like it was coming from my mother appendix so they now advise her to have her appendix removed so they can make sure that she not going to have any future problems with the same issue. So in a couple of days she will be going to another doctor that has advance equipment to see about her appendix and if it needs to be removed. She has recovered well from her two surgeries and now can eat gluten-free food since that’s all we eat now and is no longer on  a liquid diet or a soft diet. She back up and walking on the beach taking pictures and preparing for part three. I ask my mother if it was okay to tell her story because it’s important for people to know how important it is to get tested and also get a colonoscopy when they advise you because it might just save your life. In this case the colon-guard saved my mother life. I also had a colonoscopy at an early age in my 20s and it was a good thing I did since my family has a history of polyps. My mother has a rare situation and she’s been riding with me through all my health issues and now I’m doing the same for her…Threw all the ignorant attacks while going threw her surgeries and recovering she still stands on her two feet and I know that I get my strength from my mother.


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